Simply put, I’m a small-town girl from west-central Ohio whose life revolves around faith and family. Though family has always been a focal point in my life, faith was less important to me until recently. It wasn’t until I had a massive conversion in my mid 20’s that God became my reason for being. Since rediscovering my faith and, by God’s grace, turning my life around, I now spend my time serving Him joyfully and gratefully in my vocation as a wife, writer, and most recently, mother.

In 2006 I graduated college with a degree in psychology. My vocation as a wife began shortly after that when in 2007 I married my high school sweetheart, Tony. Shortly after we were wed, Tony graduated from chiropractic school and opened a practice in our home town. The next five years he and I worked in this practice together; him as the doctor, me as the office manager. This was all going great until 2013 when I began to realize that God might have different plans than for me to continue working in his practice. It was around this time that I left this career to pursue a strong, unshakable “calling,” to not only write, but publish my writing. Fast forward four more years, and in 2017 I was holding my first book, The World Is Noisy – God Whispers, in my hands.

As I was working on that book for those four years, I never expected that in 2017 Tony and I would also welcome into the world our first born child; a son, AJ. You see, as we approached our tenth wedding anniversary that same year, we weren’t really sure if children were a part of God’s plan for us. After all, after nearly ten years of waiting, it didn’t really seem like they were. In March of that year, however, we were overjoyed to find out that I was pregnant. Nine months later we were even more overjoyed to be holding our son in our arms. Now that I’m a mom, I’ve learned for myself what everyone means when they say “children change everything.” Yes, I can affirm, they certainly do. It has been my experience, though, that this change is, most certainly, for the better. As you can probably imagine, I absolutely love being a mom!

So, as I said in the beginning, simply put, I’m a small-town girl from west-central Ohio whose life revolves around faith and family. I spend my time serving God - my good and gracious God - joyfully and gratefully in my vocation as a wife, a writer, and, perhaps most importantly, a mother.

Julia's Bio

After a massive conversion in her mid 20's, Julia Monnin felt called to leave her job in the world to become an author, speaker, and spiritual companion. She published her first book, The World Is Noisy - God Whispers: Volume I in 2017 and her second, The World Is Noisy - God Whispers: The Daily Devotional in 2019.

In addition to writing, speaking, and walking with others on their spiritual journeys, Julia also writes a weekly blog, hosts two monthly podcasts (The World Is Noisy - God Whispers® and The Schoenstatt Way of Life), co-hosts a weekly podcast with Fr. Sean Wilson (Darting Through The Faith), and hosts a semi-monthly radio show on Radio Maria called Living the Lectionary.

Julia is the founder and president of the Catholic nonprofit organization Journeys Revealed Ministries whose mission is to "Spread the Love of Jesus by Sharing the Stories of Our Souls, One Intimate Moment at a Time."

In December of 2016, Julia received the Habit of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites (OCDS). Taking the name "Julia Marie of the Most Merciful Heart of Jesus," she made her Temporary Promises in the Order in December of 2018 and, God willing, will make her Definitive Promises in 2021.

Julia holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and lives with her husband and son in west central Ohio.

Julia Monnin

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