The First book's story

“I think I’m supposed to write a book,” I told my mom one day after several months of prayerfully discerning whether or not to do so. “This is a copy of my spiritual journal that I’ve been writing in for the past year. I think it might have some ideas in it that I can turn into a book. Would you mind reading it and letting me know what you think?”


“Sure,” she lovingly replied. “I’d be happy to.”


A few days later our paths crossed again, and I was surprised to hear that she had already read the copy I had given her in its entirety. (It was long! I expected it to take her way more than a few days.) Then, to add to my surprise, she opened her mouth and gave me her feedback.


“This is your book,” she said with complete surety. “This is your book.”


“No, no, no,” I told her thinking she must have been confused by what I said when I gave it to her to read. “This is my journal. It’s just a collection of thoughts I’ve jotted down over the past year. It was never meant for an audience. This isn’t my book,” I continued trying to clear up the confusion. “This is my journal.”


“Nope,” she insisted continuing where she started. “This is your book. Share this.”


It took many (many) more months of prayer and many (many) more conversations with close family members, spiritual directors, and advisors before I was ready to admit that my mom was right that day. Yes, as frightened as I was by the thought that it might actually be God’s will for my “private” journal to become a published book, I did eventually realize that her surety was, in all actuality, coming from the Holy Spirit. So, as scared, unprepared, and untrained as I was, I left my career in the world and began working full time turning my handwritten journal into a reader-friendly book.


To say that the process of publication was difficult would be an understatement. To be honest, the years I spent working on getting my journal ready for publication were filled with a heaviness so heavy and a darkness so dark that, in hindsight, I now compare that part of my journey to, what certain spiritual masters refer to as, “The Dark Night of the Soul.”


Yes, I felt alone. Yes, I felt abandoned. Yes, I felt tormented and beaten up and weak. But, by the Lord’s grace, I somehow found the strength to continue. Yes, I somehow found the strength to see the tedious work of publication through to the end. (This end came after spending nearly four years pouring blood, sweat, and tears into editing each (painfully personal) reflection and scrutinizing every last thought, feeling, and insight I ever wrote about.)


Nevertheless, the “end” (which was really just the beginning) came in November of 2017. It was then that my first book, a compilation of 191 short reflections from my spiritual journal dating from March of 2013 to March of 2015 called The World Is Noisy – God Whispers, went to print. The birth, though most certainly a humble one, had finally taken place.


Now, even though I certainly still (yes, even post-publication) have my questions about why God has called me to this “writing thing,” (as I lovingly like to call this God-given mission of mine), I have continued to share my story (in both the written and spoken word) with the world around me. As I do, I am learning to trust more and more in the One, true Author of life, trusting that “the one who began [this] good work in [me] will continue to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6).

Hello! I’m Julia Monnin, and I thank you for visiting this site. Before you go any further, please know that the mission of this website, and of my work as an author, speaker, and spiritual companion, is simple. By being an instrument in God’s hands, I hope to help others better know their precious worth and the unconditional love of Jesus so that they can be led into a deeper, more lasting relationship with him. Why? Because I have experienced for myself that a life with Christ is better – way better – than a life without him. I want to help others discover this, too!

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